Project-based Javascript Course for Beginners

Learn to build 3 projects with html, css and vanilla JS from scratch.

  1. You'll learn how to build a digital clock, a temperature converter, and a rock-paper-scissors game.
  2. You'll build all these without using any kind of frameworks or libraries. Pure HTML and CSS. Pure Javascript. No crutches.
  3. Every line of code, every functionality, every lesson is taught step-by-step keeping absolute beginners in mind.
  4. In this free sample course, you'll get a chance to see if my teaching style resonates with you. Then, you can decide if my premium JS course JabJabJavascript is right for you afterwards.

What You'll Build

Three simple yet fun projects.

digital clock
Rock Paper Scissors Game
Unit Converter

People *really* like this course

"Honestly, one of the best videos that show how to combine your HTML, CSS and JS skills"


"Very easy to follow, explained thoroughly, straightforward... The upbeat attitude kept me more engaged, excited, and absorbing more info than YouTubers with monotone voices who speak rather quickly"


" explanations by far. You go over why you do everything you do and that helps so much."


"Thank you man, this is my first JS tutorial, coming from Python, you made it quite easy for me. Appreciate it. :)"


"Oh god! Thanks for making this video. Seriously, I have learnt a lot about JS by doing this project."


"This is like a movie episode. I can’t stop watching."


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