Why should you become a web developer in 2020?

What’s up, guys? Here’s your boy Zinny back at it again.

Let me give you a back story, about two years ago I made a video on my youtube channel, called “Why you should become a web developer in 2017”

Recently, you guys have been requesting a 2020 version. So let’s get into it.

So, why should you become a web developer in 2020?


My boy Qazi, just made a video about why you shouldn’t be patient and why time is so valuable.

A lot of people have these self-limiting beliefs, these limitations….

“Need a college degree”

“Need to master the latest technology”

“Need to go to this school..”

“I’m too old..”

“I’m too young..”

The traditional, or should I say medieval way of becoming a web developer is: go to school for 4-6 years, get a college degree along with a $100K debt and then find a mediocre job that just about pays the loan over the span of many years.

Let’s be honest, for most people, it’s much worse than that, some change fields further lengthening the path, some just drawn in debt, some don’t even get a job…

What’s the freaking point in that?

Why should you go to school for 6 years and not even have the guarantee of a job?

Web development is one of the only industries where you could, literally, start today and within 6-12 months if you put in hard work, hard, consistent, ruthless, brutal work.

Yes, you can land a job and have a career...within 6-12 months!

Very very doable, is it easy? Hell no. Is it simple? Yes.

But most people don’t do this, they come up with a bunch of excuses

“Oh, you need to have this piece of paper…”

“You need to have this esoteric qualification…”

The point is, web development is one of the few fields where you could start today and have a career in less than a year if you were to simply put in the work.


These days so many web developers are getting jobs! The industry is ready, everybody is hiring!

Let me take Tai Lopez as an example, he recently gave a talk, selling SMMA and Ecommerce course, let me break it to you:

There’s nothing special about those courses!

You can literally learn that in 7 days and start getting clients! Most people don’t realize that, they think they have to wait.

But why are these courses selling like hotcakes? Why are so many people getting insane results? 

I mean Tai Lopez probably has more testimonials than anybody else in any industry! People think he’s fake, that he is a scam, shut the fuck up, what are they actually doing?

People complain instead of realizing that he can’t fake it for years straight! You could fake it for a day, for a week, maybe even for a month, but you can’t fake it for 5 years!

Instead of complaining, whining and all that loser behavior, why not question it, analyze it. 

How is he able to do all this shit?

The point why I’m bringing Tai Lopez to the table is that web development is a market with a big scope.

If you can get a job, you can get a client. What he is doing with his courses, you could do that very easily as a web developer as well. 

I just recently did a video on how to find local clients. I have shit done of videos on freelancing for web developers.


I mean, why not android development? Why not IOS development?

Javascript baby, with JS you can do Frontend, backend and full-stack development! You can even do mobile development.

And look, if you wanna do IOS development and that is your goal, your passion, go ahead!

But the reason why I’m so passionate about web development is that it makes the most sense!

If you’re gonna go to a field, a very similar field where the principles are the same, why not become the most versatile motherfucker in the group? Why would you choose anything else?

That’s why you should become a web developer, not an android developer, not an IOS developer.

I’m sure I’m gonna get a lot of hatred for this last point, but...I don’t give a s….I mean web development is so awesome that I’m willing to take the hit!


Right? It’s so amazing, having an idea and being able to say, you know what? I can actually turn that into an App. Turn that into something useful, practical, it’s like having superpowers!

When you learn web development, you have to learn a lot of computer science principles, by doing that, you’re gonna understand the world that we’re living in a lot better than most people.

Most people don’t even know how a website really works, what a server is, how the entire web works, even though they use it every day!

So, my point is, web development gives you power, and about that if you wanna learn more about power, read the book:

48 laws of power

It’s kinda dark which is a good thing in nowadays sugar-coated society, so read it, it’s gonna change your life.

Alright, bro, that’s it for this article. I hope you like it.

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