Should you learn C or C++ in 2020?

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Today we're gonna talk about one of the most popular programming questions:

Should you learn C or C++ in 2020?

So, I'm gonna keep it sweet and concise, the answer to whether you should learn C++ is a depends! 😂

Chill bro! You'll get your answer, but let's break it down first, so that you can understand and make your own informed decision. Let's start with...


First of all, you should learn C++ if you're a complete beginner or you're trying to switch career and you're just starting in the beautiful world of programming

C++ is a terrible language for a beginner to learn! Why? Because you have to run s**t ton of code compared to more modern, dynamic languages like JavaScript or Python.

The barrier of entry with these languages is so much lower compared to C or C++

Second, the job market for C++ may not be as hot as other languages like JavaScript, which is not to say that you can't find work as a C++ developer, but you're certainly not making it easy on you!

The point is, for a beginner I don't see C++ as a good idea.

  1. Not the best for web development.

If you're into web development, C++ is probably not a good idea. Instead, you should be thinking about JavaScript, speaking about which, I have the best course on this whole internet thing! JabJabJavaScript

Valid alternatives are Python and Ruby too, but you shouldn't be using C++ for web apps!

The same goes for Android and IOS development.

You probably would be better of picking up Java, Katlin or Swift respectively.

Ok, so we talked about the reason why you shouldn't learn the reasons why...


You should learn C++ if you know you're gonna be creating microcontrollers, game engines, and just performance-intensive stuff, like high-frequency training or heavy machine learning simulations.

For that kind of stuff, C++ is phenomenal! It's performing when it comes to this kind of stuff.

On top of that, C++ is used everywhere! Appliances, robots, even entire programming languages are based on C++, like Python!

Python is a whole programming language in and of itself but behind the scenes, it's C++ doing the work!

The point is that C++ is an extremely powerful language!

Even though I just wrote about all these reasons why not to learn it, there is a really good reason why you should indeed learn it. If you're into complex, CPU intensive stuff than it's gonna be your best buddy!

But the most important reason why you should learn C++ in 2020 is that it's gonna make you a much better programmer overall!

You're gonna have a much better understanding of computers overall, when I first started learning C, not even C++, the latter being a higher-level language than C.

C is a bare bone! But when I started learning it, my programming skills instantly leaped! I became a much better programmer because I had to learn all these different things like memory, optimization and more.

Whereas I wouldn't have had to learn those things If I just stuck with JavaScript, Python or any of these dynamic languages.

And that's good in a way, but it's also bad because you don't know what's going on behind the scenes. Whereas when you learn C or C++ you have no chance!

You're gonna have no chance but to deepen your understanding, or else you're simply not gonna be able to code with C or C++.


If you're an intermediate or advanced developer trying to deepen your understanding and truly understand computers and programming languages, my answer is a resounding yes!

If you're a beginner, just getting into coding, or you're just trying to get a job in the fastest and easiest way possible, that it's gonna be a resounding no!

You should go with JavaScript instead, you'll have a much easier time getting up and running and you're gonna be much more requested in 2020's job market.

If you're serious about becoming good at JavaScript than you already know buddy, JabJabJavaScript is the best course out there 🔥.

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